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La Moserissima - 08-07-2017

Non competitive international bike tour with vintage bicycles produced before 1987. Trento Historical Bicycle Ride is back for its third edition in honour of Francesco Moser and his family, which has been playing a fundamental role since Fifties. It will be once again the only stage of the Giro d’Italia d’Epoca in Trentino South Tyrol. The charm of vintage bikes is displayed in a unique event, organized by ASD Charly Gaul Internazionale and tourist board Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi together with Moser family. Two unique circuits 57 and 94 km long are offered for vintage bike lovers. The city of Trento and the Valley of the River Adige are the evocative background landscapes of this ride. The banks of the river host suggestive cycle paths and country roads surrounded by nature will enable you to discover typical villages and traces from the history of the ancient Roman road and Via Claudia Augusta.